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Depending on the difficulty of the products included in an order, the quantities ordered and the season, production can take 1-3 months. We sell our own collection under our brand Alpaca Export, and produce special designs for third parties. For special designs, proper in debt guidelines are requested. Samples will be done before final approval of the wholesale production.


Prices and taxes

The prices on our website are referential for the product placed in Bolivia. To these prices must be added the fees of shipping, billing and customs of the delivery country. Third parties’ designs will get an approximate price prior to samples production. Notice that this price may vary before the wholesale production is approved – this depending on the real time of production and the difficulty of the garment.


Placing an order

The minimum quantity allowed for an order to be placed is 20 kg. Note that they can be shared onto different types of produces. All orders are placed through e-mail communications and further approvement, specially for own designs.



As for the payment, 50% of the payment must be payed when the order is placed and approved, and the other 50% latest 8 days after receiving the products. If these agreements aren´t met, a 2% fee of the total will be charged for every day of delay – since we need the payment in time to be able to take care of our Fair Trade system with our knitters. The production and shipping of samples must be payed beforehand.

The shipping is payed by the client through Alpaca Export (shipping agreements can be excepted), while the customs are payed directly to the delivery country’s custom authorities by the client.

 The payment occur through bank deposit to a Bolivian Bank in USD.


Shipping policies

The shipping prices are calculated by air. Alpaca Export is not responsible for any loss, damage, cost or expense related to delays in shipment or delivery of merchandise. The responsibility and warranty belong to the shipping company. Note that the smaller the order, the more expensive the shipping will be.


Return policies and procedures

In general, Alpaca Export does not accept the return of any garments. Only faulty garments – with proper evidence through pictures – can be returned within two weeks after receiving the order.


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